13 Feb 2017

Common Training Mistakes to Avoid

Knowledgeable employees are your clients’ first line of defense in preventing injuries, misinformation, and lawsuits. As employees are also the backbone of their business, foregoing a proper training program, even with limited resources, can be a costly mistake. Therefore, we have comprised a list of common training mistakes to avoid to better equip their employees for the risks and tasks at hand, regardless of the industry they serve. In addition to protecting your client’s business and hiring/training practices with a comprehensive Employment Practices Liability Insurance Program, share the following advice with them to mitigate risk and financial responsibility.

Glossing over safety concerns in the workplace.

If your client’s business doesn’t have a particularly high risk of injury (such as requiring their employees to operate heavy machinery), they might assume they’re exempt from needing to thoroughly train their employees. However, the simplest risks are often the biggest cause for concern. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slip-and-falls account for most workplace injuries. As obvious as it may seem, your clients need to train their teams to identify and avoid trip hazards, how to appropriately respond to spills, and how to keep the entrance of the business free from snow or puddles. Not only will this simple practice prevent their employees from becoming injured and filing a workers’ compensation claim, it will keep their customers safe, as well.

Foregoing tolerance training.

A diverse workplace is a beneficial one, and all employees must be aware of that. While it might be uncomfortable to discuss, your clients need to notify employees that they hold a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. Even though they already likely conduct background checks and criminal investigations on potential candidates, there is no way of knowing what type of bias he or she might bring to the workplace. Their views and biases will become your client’s issue if they start to be pervasive in the workplace. Remember, employers can be sued for allowing a hostile work environment to exist, so ensure your clients take steps to stop it before it begins.

Making training boring and noninteractive.

Another tip to share with your clients: take the time to make training relatively enjoyable. Make it interactive, offer rewards for participation, provide plenty of visuals, and create an agenda to stick to a concise timeline. Follow up the training session with a handout for new hires to take home and refer to, as well. If possible, have lunch catered if it’s going to be an all-day training session. A formal approach to training doesn’t have to be dry, so consider this advice when strategizing the next session.

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