27 Mar 2017

Immigration Reform and EPL Coverage

March 27, 2017Blog, EPLI

As President Trump continues to press immigration reform plans, employers and employees alike are scrambling to find peace of mind and resolution in the interim. With these new orders, immigration officers are granted broad latitude to arrest and deport any immigrant who is living and working in the United States unlawfully. While most employers follow strict federal and state regulations for employment practices, this new plan is causing many employers to think twice about who they employ and the hiring practices they implement. As we explore the potential liability exposures your clients are likely to face during this time, ensure they are protected with a comprehensive Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy.

While officials say the priority for now is to focus on gangs and people with serious criminal records, thousands of workers in construction, child care, house cleaning, and the restaurant industry could become more vulnerable to mistreatment by unscrupulous employers who might threaten to turn them in to authorities if they complain, states the Boston Globe. However, threats and retaliation are prohibited by law, especially when it comes to whistleblowers within your clients’ organizations. While this is a severe case, these concerns are being brought to light.

While the full impact of Trump’s immigration policy is still to be determined, another implication of this reform is the issue of anonymity of hour and wage claims sent to the U.S. Department of Labor. While these issues were historically kept confidential, this immigration reform plan might compromise their anonymity and lead to exposing their employers for their poor employment practices.

In addition, it raises the concern with employers to hire legal citizens. As many industries, including hospitality and restaurants, employ a staff with numerous immigrants, their hiring practices might need to be shifted altogether.

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